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While we strive to deliver exceptional products and services, our free software products are offered as-is, primarily due to their cost-free nature. However, we understand that you might have questions or need assistance from time to time. Here’s how we recommend seeking support for our free products:

  1. Knowledge Base: Our comprehensive knowledge base is an excellent starting point. It has detailed guides and troubleshooting tips that can help you understand the features and functionalities of our free products better.
  2. Forums: Participating in our user forums is another great way to find answers to your questions. It’s a community of users who share their experiences, solutions, and insights about our free products.
  3. Partner Support: We also encourage you to reach out to your partner, who might be able to provide firsthand assistance, especially if they have more direct knowledge of your specific setup.

We genuinely believe that our free products significantly enhance the value of any Business Central implementation and we’re happy that you’ve chosen to use them.

We trust that these resources will allow you to get the most out of our free products.

Billable Support Option – Should you find that these resources do not provide the help you need, you can submit a support ticket to Insight Works at However, please note that all support for our free products provided through this channel is billable.