Shop Floor Insight

Shop Floor Insight

Shop Floor Insight is a comprehensive solution for barcoded time capture, time and attendance, and employee time management.

  • Eliminate manual time entry with barcode scanning for Production Orders, Jobs, Service Orders, and Maintenance
  • Capture operational data on the shop floor or in the field, including consumption, output, scrap, and quality
  • Record non-productive and rework time for advanced reporting
  • Record time and attendance based on employee shifts with exception reporting
  • Automatically calculate overtime and shift differentials for integration with payroll systems
  • Access via a web browser to enable data entry from mobile devices in the field or shop floor

Shop Floor Insight utilizes barcoded production orders to simplify data capture on the shop floor and reduce the errors associated with manual time entry.

Streamline shop floor data capture
Enhance data capture and management using Shop Floor Insight’s intuitive user interface. Employees can quickly record setup and/or run time against production orders, nonproductive time, and maintenance using shared shop terminals or handheld devices.

Significantly reduce rework
Calculating rework (the amount of time spent repairing defective product) can be extremely tedious and hard to determine. Shop Floor Insight provides readily available insight into not only how much rework is taking place, but also allows users to drill-down for root cause analysis and rework.

Real-time Reporting
Real-time reporting enables users to analyze job progression and costing; providing immediate feedback to supervisors and planners while maintaining a detailed production history. Shop Floor Insight also provides pre-configured reports for managing operations, which can be used for safety program compliance.

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